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Fundraise with AGT

Donate & get a $ matching voucher.

Transparency is part of our pledge and we'd like to invite you to take an active role in our sustainability initiatives.

Instead of the "a percentage of proceeds" donation scheme, we're offering vouchers that match your gift (capped at $100) to organizations we work with. 

These vouchers are available as either a flash fundraising effort (a week to a month) or yearlong. Plus, unlike the percentage scheme, it's you who will get the tax deductible benefit, not us. 

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Terms & conditions:

  1. We'll match the dollar amount you give to the organization (see below) with an American Green Travel voucher

  2. The voucher has no expiration date and can only be used on 

  3. The voucher value caps at $100 (plus processing fee if you decide to cover it). 

  4. Voucher is transferrable but can only be used once and can't be used in conjunction with another promo. 

How to give:

  1. Scroll down and you can find an organization(s) we're currently fundraising for.

  2. Clicking on the organization of your choice will take you to the donation page.

  3. You can opt to not make your donation public (although the amount will still show). The important thing is to make sure your name matches your card and your email address is valid.

  4. Once you've made the donation, please allow up to one business day for us to process your voucher.

  5. We'll email a unique voucher code to the address you use to donate.

  6. Please check your other folders (including spam). If you haven't heard back from us within two business days, send us an email

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Can't I just give directly?

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Unfortunately, since vouchers are processed manually, cross-referencing a donation with the intended organization would result in delays. 

Giving through our fundraising efforts keeps the process streamlined and your donation is still tax deductible.  

Why cap the voucher at $100?

Although we can't keep you from donating more than $100, we're also a small business. To keep our business alive, we have to generate revenue. 


Our most expensive item is the Melrose S three-piece suitcase set and it's priced at $495 (plus tax). If you received a $100 voucher and used it to buy the Melrose S, we'd be donating 20% of the total cost, not just of the profit.

We believe our fundraising efforts will yield higher results than donating a certain portion of our profits. At the same time, this model keeps our company transparent, accountable, and sustainable.

American Green Travel's Sustainability Manifesto

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We strive to use resources with the least negative environmental impact in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Whenever that's not possible, we'll try to balance it by working with organizations for a more meaningful and lasting solution.

Image by Jason Blackeye


We recognize the importance of building a healthy relationship with our employees in the US and contractors from around the world. 

We extend this value by investing in people as well as in communities by working with various organizations.

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Our long-term and short-term business solutions must not sacrifice environmental, cultural, and social well-being. 

The International manufacturers we work with have gone through a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet our standards.

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