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Sustainability & CSR


The travel industry is responsible for approximately 8% of the global carbon emission, with almost half attributed to transport. 

The American Green Travel team hasn't been able to find an accurate sustainability report dedicated to luggage, suitcases, and other travel bags and accessories. However, that shouldn't stop us from trying to do better.

Graph showing the different activities that contribute to tourism’s total carbon footprint.
Data Source: Nature Climate Change (2018)

Why do you have "green" in your name?

American Green Travel began its journey in the 90s. In that era, the word "green" was already associated with nature without necessarily meaning eco-conscious.

Originally, when the brand was first conceived, the "green" in "American Green Travel" signifies life, renewal, and energy - three things that travelling brings. 

It wasn't until 2002 when Jill Buck started the Go Green Initiative that "green" began to mean environmentally friendly.

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Being green is not enough.

The word "green" received an upgrade and so should our products. American Green Travel recognizes the urgency the earth and her inhabitants need. We want to truly live up to our name and even take it one step further towards sustainability.


Environmental health ("green") is a single aspect we need to carefully examine and consider, but there's also a system that involves social, economic, and environmental impacts. This system must be approached as a whole in order to create a sustainable product.

American Green Travel's ten-year manufacturer warranty is proof that we stand by the quality of each of our luggage. A strong, durable suitcase that can endure numerous travels is more environmentally friendly than a suitcase that's slightly less expensive but breaks easily as the broken luggage ends up as landfill and you're forced to purchase a replacement.

American Green Travel's Sustainability Manifesto

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We strive to use resources with the least negative environmental impact in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Whenever that's not possible, we'll try to balance it by working with organizations for a more meaningful and lasting solution.

Image by Jason Blackeye


We recognize the importance of building a healthy relationship with our employees in the US and contractors from around the world. 

We extend this value by investing in people as well as in communities by working with various organizations.

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Our long-term and short-term business solutions must not sacrifice environmental, cultural, and social well-being. 

The International manufacturers we work with have gone through a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet our standards.

Transparency is part of our pledge and we'd like to invite you to take an active role in our sustainability initiatives.

Instead of the "a percentage of proceeds" donation scheme, we're offering vouchers that match your gift (capped at $100) to organizations we work with. 

These vouchers are available as either a flash fundraising effort (a week to a month) or yearlong. 

Click here to donate and get a $ matching voucher.

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Donate & get a $ matching voucher.

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